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Featured Member: Leslie Villarreal

New Arrival - Gallery Wire Collection, Your Questions Answered

Artisan Spotlight: James Lamb

Tips & Tricks: Carving Metal, Simple Engraving

Artisan Spotlight: Sue Wainwright

Tips & Tricks: Argentium Q&A

April 2024

Artisan Spotlight: Machi de Waard

Tips & Tricks: Soldering an Earring Post

Artisan Spotlight: Andreea Andres

Tips & Tricks: The Difference between Soldering and Fusing

Year of the Dragon Winners

Tips & Tricks: The Charcoal Block

Artisan Spotlight: Ronda Coryell

Tips & Tricks: Granulation

Choosing the Perfect Finding

Artisan Spotlight: Veronica Moore

Why Hallmarking Your jewellery is the Key to Your Success

Announcing the Year of the Dragon Competition

Germanium: Unveiling the Enigmatic Element's Potential in Technology and Health

Unleashing the Sparkle: 10 Irresistible Reasons Why Artisan Jewellery Makers Must Master Social Media

June 2023

Features include Reasons Why Branded Packaging is Essential, Acrostic Jewellery

Features include Wire Wrapping Techniques, Wired for What

Features include Workshops, Workshop Pricing

Features include Being an Environmentally Friendly Jeweller Maker, How to Host a Workshop

Features include A Brief History of Charm Bracelets, Why Host a Workshop

Features include The Ruby, A Brief History of Lockets

Features include Topaz - the Gemstone for Everyone, Holiday Fun

Features include Creating a Jewellery Collection, Peter John's Podcast Appearance

Features include The Personality of Jewellery, The Itsy-Bitsy Spider

Features include Autumn/Winter 2022 Jewellery Trends, Better Product Photos

Features include Buried treasures, Tips on Finishing and Cleaning

Features include Tip of the Month, All about Amethysts

Features include Tip of the Month, Winter Traditions

Features include Creating the Argentium Brand

Features include Ancient Treasures

Features include Wire Wrapping

Features include a Look at Fusing

Features include Lockdown Creations

Features include Argentium Thanks

Features include Your History in Argentium

Features include Argentium Thinking Ahead

Features include Argentium Harding

Features include Argentium Thinking Ahead

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