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This contemporary precious metal offers a modern and fun approach to silversmithing and jewellery making.

'Argentium Silver' is a silver alloy unlike traditional sterling silver due to the addition of small amounts of the element germanium. It's unique formulation has created several advantages that make working with Argentium a superior choice to that of its traditional counterparts. 

There are two grades, both of which are purer than Sterling and Britanica.

Argentium 935 (93.5% minimum silver content)

Argentium 940 (94% minimum silver content)

Argentium 960 (96% minimum silver content)

argentium silver spoon art ladel

Some FAQ

What is Argentium Silver?

It is a superior, high performance silver with a number of unique properties. These properties differentiate Argentium Silver from traditional Sterling silver, making it perfect for both artisans and volume manufacturers.

Is Argentium Silver different from traditional Sterling Silver?


Yes. It is purer than standard Sterling (940 or 960 parts per 1000), has increased tarnish resistance, a whiter colour, antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties and a firestain-free surface. All of these benefits make Argentium Silver better for the end wearer and gentler on the environment, as less chemicals are used in production.

Is Argentium as hard as traditional Sterling Silver?


Like traditional Sterling Silver, it can be work hardened. Additionally it can be hardened by a simple, low temperature heat treatment. More details can be found in our Technical resources. This is viable using a domestic oven, or in volume production capacity via a kiln. This process improves the hardness of Argentium Silver considerably, giving it excellent durability and greater scratch resistance.


Are there other advantages to using Argentium Silver?


Argentium Silver can be fused to itself and to other precious metals. This removes unsightly solder joins, reduces cleaning up time and allows silversmiths and artisans to reduce production times and design capabilities.


Is Argentium Silver difficult to use?


Argentium Silver is different to Sterling silver, not more difficult to use. As with all upgrades in life, if you follow the instructions, Argentium Silver can enhance your jewellery and silversmithing skills, and for the beginner it can actually make producing designs faster and less challenging than using Sterling.

Is Argentium Silver suitable for mass production?


Argentium Silver is ideally suited for bulk manufacturers, who will be able to see the benefits of casting with a ‘clean silver’, which negates the need to remove or hide firestain, or indeed to plate to reduce tarnishing. 


Can I cast with Argentium Silver?


It is a superior casting alloy and will deliver brighter, whiter and more beautiful castings than traditional Sterling silver.


Can I reuse the metal when casting?

Argentium Silver can be recycled in the casting process in the same way as traditional Sterling. Use 50% old material to 50% new material (as for standard casting practise) and it will cast beautifully.​

Is Argentium Silver more expensive than traditional Sterling?


Yes, the raw materials used to make this unique alloy are more expensive than Sterling; the company also has to pay to maintain the global patents and trademarks. Our customers however find that the superior properties of the metal - including not having to plate, faster production times and a tarnish resistant finish - outweigh what is in reality, a small initial premium.


What does trademarked and patented mean?


The Argentium range of alloys cannot be copied or produced in their raw state, without the authority of Argentium International Limited. If you want to become a licensed Argentium Silver user, fill out the Trademark License Registration form. Become a member and you can receive free technical and marketing support.

Manufacturing Benefits

Firestain resistant

Wide range of products
Beautiful castings

Argentium's unique formulation gives firestain resistance - this means that plating is not required.

Argentium Silver is available as: grain, sheet, wire, tubing, findings, chains, solders (and flux).

Argentium Silver casts cleaner which produces brighter castings that are easy to finish.

Excellent durability
Excellent ductility
Fusing & welding

Argentium Silver is stronger and more durable than standard sterling silver and can be both work hardened and heat-hardened.

Argentium Silver has greater ductility than tradidtional Sterling making it an excellent choice for forming applications.

Argentium Silver can be fused and welded to other metals which can be used in a variety of different design applications

Heat hardenable
Time savings
Workplace friendly

A simple, low-temperature heat treatment can be applied to increase strength and durability.

No firestain and no need for plating means easy finishing - saving time and labour.

Argentium Silver does not require harsh chemicals that is often required for silver production.

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