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Argentium Trademark Registration

If you would like to use the Argentium brand and trademarks, or purchase a Winged Unicorn stamp and other branded items, we would kindly ask you to register here. It is free to do and lasts for 3 years.

The unique Winged Unicorn Mark can be stamped or lasered onto articles to certify that a piece is made in Argentium Silver. Companies or individuals can use this mark to endorse their own brand and to give assurance to their customers that items have a minimum silver content of 93.5% - exceeding the traditional Sterling standard.

Winged Unicorn-detail-light grey.gif

Registered users enter a 3-year Trademark agreement. As a registered trademark user you will also have access to Argentium marketing resources and the opportunity to purchase additional stamps at a discount.

All stamps are marked with individual registration numbers to help protect the Argentium Winged Unicorn logo and to enable Argentium registered users to be confident that they are a part of the Argentium family, supported by Argentium International.

Enable your customers to understand the benefits of Argentium and let them know that they are purchasing a superior silver.

Become a registered Argentium Silver trademark user in 3 simple steps

* Once your registration is confirmed we will send you a unique registration number and password to purchase stamps and branded items, along with details to access our Marketing Resources

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