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A new era for silver
"Argentium is the most significant development to
silver in hundreds of years"

Argentium & The Guild

What is Argentium Silver

Argentium Silver was invented in the 1990s by Master Silversmith Peter Johns, in association with Middlesex University, London. His initial research concentrated on eliminating firestain in traditional Sterling silver using the element Germanium. It was not only successful but he discovered that small amounts of the element could impart a range of wonderful physical and working properties to silver alloys, including tarnish resistance and heat-hardening properties.

Argentium has a firescale-free surface that doesn’t require plating. It can be easily welded and fused to itself and other precious metals. It has strength and durability and can be hardened by a simple, low-temperature heat treatment. Argentium has excellent tarnish resistance, is hypoallergenic and responsibly made from recycled silver. This contemporary precious metal offers a modern and fun approach to silversmithing and jewellery making.

Find the latest Argentium Silver 940 User Guide HERE

The Argentium Silver Guild Is A Community Of Silversmiths Using Argentium Silver.

We offer a space for silversmiths and artisans to create and share their work with fellow Argentium Silver users. If you are using Argentium Silver as a hobby or are making jewellery for your business, we are here to support you on your journey.

Our shop supplies a variety of different products which include wire, beads, tubing, findings and other essential items to help you produce the very best silver jewellery.

The instructors listed on our website are experienced and master silversmiths who can support you with any technical question you may have.

Argentium Silver is vastly superior to standard sterling silver and we believe that you will enjoy working with this precious metal.

The Silver Guild

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