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Module 4: Slumping

with your instructor:

Christina Zock

About this module

Module 4 has been designed to introduce you to the unique slumping property of Argentium Silver, which gives it the ability to take shape from another object.

Through the slumping process you will discover the ability of Argentium Silver to slump and form just by using and controlling heat. You will see how the metal behaves like a piece of cloth that gently takes form over an object.

Module Intro Video

Tools Required (Not supplied)

Small gas torch (& butane gas)
Charcoal block
Flush cutters
Round & flat nose pliers
Jewellers’ piercing saw & blades
Bench peg
Metal tweezers
Argentium flux & small brush
Argentium pickle
Glass/ceramic dish for pickle
Safety glasses

Additional Tools Suggested

Heat resistant pad
Spinner tray for charcoal block

*Items can be purchased from the website or appropriate suppliers.

Learning outcomes from this module

To gain practical experience knowledge and understanding of:

How to control the form that Argentium Silver will take with high heat application.
Recognising the fusing temperature of Argentium Silver (heat/colour recognition) and developing control over this application.
The use of mixed media (eg. pearl) with Argentium Silver.
How to use a jewellers’ piercing saw.
The use of solder.
Finishing processes (polishing/satin finish/cleaning).

Module Assesment

Assessment for this Slumping Module will be based on the above learning outcomes. Your assessment will be carried out online, where you are required to submit photographs that clearly demonstrate the quality of your finished product. You will also be required to complete a short tick-box questionnaire to show your understanding of this specific process. Help, support and constructive feedback will be offered.

Successful completion of each Foundation Module is recognised by Argentium Courses, in association with the Argentium Silver Guild and Argentium International Limited. Upon successful completion of the Foundation Programme, you will be awarded a Certificate and offered free membership to the Argentium Silver Guild.

Your Instructor

Christina Zock

Christina Zock

Christine gains great pleasure in creating clean jewellery designs for everyday use. She enjoys using high quality materials such as 22k Gold and Argentium Silver - wonderful materials that complement and support the beauty of her designs.

With a classical education as a goldsmith in Germany, Christine trained for many years, working in different goldsmith workshops in North Germany. She feels very fortunate to have learnt so much from her highly talented master goldsmiths.

Christine took a big step and established a workshop studio in Noe Valley San Francisco. She is now back in Germany in a brand new studio near Munich. It is here that she now runs her Argentium workshop classes.

At the start of 2018, she successfully completed the first part of the “Argentium Instructors Certification” and completed programme in 2020.

With great love and enjoyment she teaches and instructs people into the magical world of Argentium Silver in both German and English languages.

Christine states that “Argentium Silver has completely changed my career as a goldsmith. This amazing silver enabled a completely new way of working for me, with new possibilities for my jewellery making. Many of the problems associated with regular Silver vanishes, opening up many more possibilities for creative work”. She also states that "working with Argentium Silver is much easier and faster than with regular silver. The ability to fuse the material is fantastic, and just as important is Argentium does not develop firestain problems like standard Sterling. It is wonderful."

Christine is proud to be a part of this team and to teach young goldsmiths how to work with Argentium Silver, and to expose them to the magical joy of creating and working with this precious material.

Module 4: Slumping



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