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Argentium Silver Foundation Courses


This Foundation Course has been developed with the student at the heart of the programme, and has been created in such a way that it will unleash your creativity and passion for this superior and unique silver, in both jewellery making and silversmithing, irrespective of age or knowledge.

Your learning will progress through five module stages via the means of 5 distinct projects, presented in easy to manage prepared kits. These individual projects will allow you to learn and experience the amazing properties of Argentium Silver and to produce 5 distinct and personally hand-crafted items of jewellery.

You will gain both experience and confidence in an accelerated learning programme and can come to this with no previous metal working skill. Through interactive learning and practical use, you will experience first-hand the superior nature of Argentium Silver.

The areas covered in this Foundation Course are: Fusing, Granulation, Heat hardening, Slumping with a final self-directed Design module. With these key jewellery making skills YOU will form the foundation on which you can either continue your studies, or simply enjoy the skills you have learnt to start creating many of your own designs and finished items.

On completion of your 5 modules, your work will be assessed, and an Argentium Foundation Course Certificate will be issued (subject to meeting the required standards).

Each module comes complete with full instructions, online demonstrations, help and guidance from our Argentium tutors.

As the word Foundation suggests, this course is aimed at giving you a firm base of knowledge and basic skills, that will allow you to develop and progress in jewellery making and silversmithing.

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