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 Argentium Silver was invented in the 1990s by Peter Johns, in association with Middlesex University. Peter discovered how small additions of the element germanium could impart a range of wonderful physical and working properties to silver alloys.

Argentium has a firescale-free surface that doesn’t require plating. It can be easily welded and fused to itself and other precious metals. It has strength and durability and can be hardened by a simple, low-temperature heat treatment. Argentium has excellent tarnish resistance, is hypoallergenic and responsibly made from recycled silver. 

This contemporary precious metal offers a modern and fun approach to silversmithing and jewellery making.

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Argentium Silver frees me from the tedious hassles of firescale, it also saves me time because my work rarely needs repolishing. Granulation and fusing have become features of my work as Argentium Silver fuses to every metal that I have tried. I can make light whimsical earrings sturdier by heat-hardening them in a toaster oven. Creating with Argentium Silver is simply easier and more fun!                                                                      

 Cynthia Eid


I used to make this earring only in special spring golds, but can now produce it in silver, thanks to the development Argentium Silver.   

                                                      David Worcester

(Verbena Place Designs)

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