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My designs are based on natural forms including leaves, flowers, buds, seed pods, and shells, and the secret spaces found within them. I like to incorporate texture, and the sounds of pebbles on the beach, wind rustling through the leaves, or water running over stones. 

In 2013, I was very fortunate to be awarded some funding by Arts Council England, which enabled me to do some research and develop new work in Argentium silver. This has enabled me to spend time experimenting with Argentium, and I have developed a new range of pieces - the Frond collection, which exploit the wonderful malleability and ductility of this metal. I showcased pieces in my solo exhibition ‘Immaculate’ at Ruskin Arts and Crafts during the Galvanize Festival. I sell my work through exhibitions and galleries, and undertake private commissions.

Annette runs Argentium classes in her studio in Sheffield, England.

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