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Techniques in Argentium®, Vol 8: Granulated Pear Shape Pendant

Making a bezel fit a pear shape cabochon can be difficult if the bezel is not prepared well.  In this video Ronda demonstrates how to make a custom bezel setting specifically to fit the pear shape cabochon and make a bezel for a faceted stone.  

The project for this video is an Argentium® granulated pear shape cabochon pendant with a faceted stone and will cover how to:

  • Plan your design and materials needed to make your project
  • Make granules
  • Hall mark your piece
  • Determine the height of the bezel
  • Making bezel from heavy walled tubing
  • Cut seat in tubing to set faceted stone
  • Set faceted stone in tubing
  • Cut and shape a bezel customized to pear shape cabochon
  • Fuse the bezel to a base sheet
  • Notching v-tip for proper setting of pear shape cabochon stone
  • Make a bail for your pendant
  • Use Ronda Coryell’s Masking Mud to protect your bail while soldering to pendant
  • Set your stone using Ronda’s custom stone setting tool
  • Polish and finish your piece

Note:  This video uses advanced techniques and assumes you have a basic knowledge of Argentium® Techniques.  For more basic instruction, please see video "Techniques in Argentium® Vol 1"

*Masking Mud is available 

Techniques in Argentium®, Vol 8: Granulated Pear Shape Pendant

  • Run Time: 47 minutes
    Size: 494.1 MB

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