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Techniques in Argentium® Vol 3: Hollow Rings


Follow internationally recognized jewelry instructor, Ronda Coryell, as she guides you step by step on how to create two different hollow ring projects.  The following techniques are included in this video:

  • Making a 2-part pattern and adjusting to desired ring size
  • Fusing Argentium Silver
  • Doming a band
  • Fusing two plates to make the tapered hollow ring
  • Texturizing metal
  • Fusing wires to the band
  • Sawing techniques:  center cuts and edges
  • Sanding and polishing



  • Domed Hollow Ring
  • Tapered Hollow Ring


Special Features include:

  • Applying a Patina
  • Ronda's MASKING MUD
  • Demonstration on what happens when proper torching/fusing techniques are not used


Techniques in Argentium® Vol 3: Hollow Rings

  • Year: 2014

    Actor(s): Ronda Coryell (Herself....)

    Genre(s): Argentium Silver Tutorial Hollow Rings
    Studio(s): Albuquerque
    Director(s): Ronda Coryell
    Writer(s): Ronda Coryell
    Run Time: 62 minutes
    Size: 974.8 MB


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