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Techniques in Argentium® Vol 1: Basics

Follow renowned jewelry instructor Ronda Coryell as you learn a variety of basic techniques in Argentium® Silver - The Finest Silver. In addition to learning how to make seven different rings in this tarnish- & firescale-resistant material - you'll learn many valuable tips and tricks that you will find useful as you work with this amazing new silver alloy. 

Topics Covered:

  • Basic Properties of Argentium® Silver
  • Fusing & Soldering
  • Texturing & Hallmarking 
  • Hardening Properties
  • Proper Finishing Techniques
  • Surface Passivation
  • Adding a Patina


Techniques in Argentium® Vol 1: Basics

  • Year: 2012Actor(s): Ronda Coryell (Star)Genre(s): Instructional DVD
    Studio(s): Albuquerque New Mexico
    Director(s): Ronda Coryell
    Writer(s): Ronda Coryell
    Run Time: 57 minutes
    Size: 583.8 MB

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