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Argentium Heavy Tapered Ring Without Cheniers Size M


This Argentium Silver Tapered Ring Without Cheniers is part of our interchangeable range of shanks and settings designed to fit together easily with the minimum of work to provide a vast range of ring/shank combinations. Each shank is available in 3 sizes (light, medium and heavy weight) while each of the stone settings is available in 3 sizes within each weight category. For an optimum match, select a shank and setting from within the same weight category.


This Ring Shank is heavy weight, featuring a tapered shank design and supplied without cheniers.

The Ring Shank is made from Argentium Silver. Argentium is hypoallergenic with excellent tarnish resistance, durability, and a bright colour that is comparable to pure silver.


The shank section measures 2.7mm x 1.4mm. Shoulder height is 3.8mm.


Finger Size M.


Please note this product is semi finished and the finger size is an approximate.

Tapered Ring Without Cheniers

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