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Polishing Compound

Top up on polishing compound for your micro-polisher.

  • Used with steel shot in a barrel machine
  • Acts as a lubricant between steel shots and your piece
  • For the deburr or pre-polish precious and base metals


The most effective barrelling compound for Silver, gold, platinum, cupreous and other base metals or alloys. This P6 precision formula barrelling powder is designed for professional burnishing, pre-polishing and brightening of castings and intricately detailed work in combination with steel shot, pins etc. It can also be used for cleaning and brightening tarnished silver. Used in conjunction with suitable ceramic media it is also suitable for cutting and de-burring castings or creating satin finishes and will help to retain a bright finish where traditional cutting powders may leave grey deposits on the metal stock. This new barrelbrite formula acts as a lubricant and maintains a stable slightly alkaline pH level acting as a buffer in solution, along with ionic surfactants helping the active ingredients to bond and disperse evenly which maximises the surface area of active particles to react. 


500g by volume for £10.00

Polishing Compound

  • Safety information and tecnical data can be found here:


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