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Mother of Pearl Cabochon, Oval

Mother of pearl is not a traditional gemstone, in as much as it is not mined, but is derived from the Nacre, inner lining of a range shells. It is also the same material that coats pearls and gives then a deep sheen and wide range of colours.


The “rainbow like iridescence “is created by millions of tiny cone like structures which refract light. It is easily trimmed and shaped and makes beautiful accents to your jewellery


Mother of pearl has a hardness of 31/2 on the Mohs scale so should ideally not be used for rings unless its edges are well protected with silver, but it is perfect for pendants and earrings. If using “rub over” settings, a little additional care should be taken and then same applies when polishing to avoid getting compound ingrained in the material.


Sold as single stones


ColourWhite / Cream
MaterialMother of Pearl


*Images of finished jewellery are intented to serve as inspitration only and are not available for sale. 

Mother of Pearl Cabochon, Oval

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