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Argentium Knife Edge D Shape Ring Shank


This Argentium Silver Knife Edge Ring Shank is part of our interchangeable range of shanks and settings designed to fit together easily with the minimum of work to provide a vast range of ring/shank combinations. Each shank is available in 3 sizes (light, medium and heavy weight) while each of the stone settings is available in 3 sizes within each weight category. For an optimum match, select a shank and setting from within the same weight category.


This Ring Shank is medium weight, featuring a Knife Edge design and a D-shaped profile.


The Ring Shank is made from Argentium Silver. Argentium is hypoallergenic with excellent tarnish resistance, durability, and a bright colour that is comparable to pure silver.


The shank section measures 2.0mm x 1.4mm. Shoulder height is 3.4mm.


Finger Size M.


Please note this product is semi finished and the finger size is an approximate.

Knife Edge D Shape Ring Shank

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