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Starter Soldering Kit

Elevate your jewellery crafting journey with our enhanced Jeweller's Starter Kit, now including two 10cm pieces of solder wire (Easy and Medium) to cater to all your Argentium silver working needs. Designed for artisans who demand precision and quality, this comprehensive kit equips you with everything required to achieve uniform heat application during annealing, fusing, and soldering processes, thanks to its spinner tray and charcoal block combination.


The natural charcoal block included acts as a protective barrier, significantly minimizing oxidation during fusing or soldering, ensuring your creations retain their impeccable quality.


To further assist in maintaining the integrity of your Argentium Silver projects, our Argentium Silver Flux (50ml) is specifically formulated to prevent oxidation. It comes in a convenient, leak-proof bottle that's easy to reseal, accompanied by a pipette for precise liquid measurements and three specialized flux brushes for effortless application.


The kit features a one-touch piezo ignition torch, renowned for its ultra-light, compact design, ensuring maximum convenience. Its ergonomic grip and easy cartridge connection make it simple to use, while safety features guarantee consistent operation at any angle following a quick two-minute preheat. This versatile tool, measuring 16cm in length, is ideal for both home and workshop environments.


We've also included essential tools for any jeweller: Round Nose Stainless Steel Tweezers (12.3cm), an Angled Wire Cutter (12cm), and Cross Over Tweezers (16cm), each designed for precision work, clean cuts, and easy component handling, respectively.


This starter kit is your all-in-one solution to professional-grade jewellery making, now more comprehensive with the addition of solder wires to expand your creative possibilities. It provides all the necessary tools to bring your Argentium silver projects to life with skill and ease.


Please note: The Butane Canister can only be shipped to UK addresses. Select UK if shipping within the UK and OTHER for all other destinations.

Starter Soldering Kit

PriceFrom £75.00
  • Starter Kit Includes:

    • Spinner Tray
    • Charcoal Block
    • 10cm Easy Solder Wire
    • 10cm Medium Solder Wire
    • 50ml Flux
    • Flux Pens & Pippette
    • Torch
    • Butane Gas (UK ONLY)
    • Round Nose Stainless Steel Tweezers
    • Angled Wire Cutter
    • Cross Over Tweezers
    • 5 Care Cards
    • 250g Bag of Pickle 
    • Guild Membership (1 year)
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