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Garnet Cabochons - 8mm

Garnet, Round Cabochon, 8mm


Garnet is a group of minerals that most commonly display deep rich, red tones, but can be found in many other colour varieties depending on their chemical composition.


The birthstone for january, garnet has generally been known as the stone of love and commitment and is excellent for revitalising energy and inspiring love and passion.


Please note that due to the nature of the stone, each stone is unique so colours will vary and slight natural inclusions and zoning may be present.


Care: As with all gemstones, care must be taken. It is not advised to place garnet stones in an ultrasonic, steam cleaner or chemical cleaning solution. Garnet can be easily cleaned with a warm soapy water mix or an untreated cloth.


It is advised to avoid exposing garnet to prolonged periods of heat and light.


*Images of finished jewellery are intented to serve as inspitration only and are not available for sale. 

Garnet Cabochons - 8mm

PriceFrom £8.00
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