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This hard Argentium Silver tubing is the perfect choice for clasps, hinges and for creating custom tube settings. For settings, select tubing that has an outside diameter approximately 0.5mm larger than your stone (this tube will fit 3.5mm stones).


This tubing is supplied in a hardened state. Annealing, fusing or soldering will soften the tube, however it is possible to increase the hardness by a simple, low temperature heat-hardening process (suitable for hardening even soldered pieces).


  • Purity : 935
  • Hardness : Hard
  • Form : Tubing
  • Length: 100mm 
  • Outside diameter : 4mm
  • Inside diameter : 3mm 
  • Wall thickness : 0.5mm

Argentium Tubing - 4mm OD x 0.5mm x 100mm

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