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Argentium Sheet .3mm

We have available two sizes 935 sheet available.

200mm x 500mm

190mm x 310mm

200mm x 220mm

200mm x 190mm

19.8mm x 19.8mm

30mm x 30mm


Perfect for a small job, that last missing bit, or for a workshop.


If you are looking for a different size, contact


For jewellery designers seeking a step up from conventional Sterling Silver, this Argentium Silver Sheet is perfect. It is great for making a broad range of jewellery items, including rings, pendants, and bracelets. The ground-breaking alloy known as Argentium Silver is superior to conventional Sterling Silver in terms of strength, brightness, whiteness, and versatility. This Argentium 935 Silver Sheet, which is purer than Sterling Silver and finished to a whiter, brighter sheen that is comparable to fine silver, is made with additional germanium.


Argentium requires less polishing and customer maintenance than Sterling Silver because it has a lower copper content and is therefore more resistant to tarnish and fire scale. It also doesn't need to be plated.

Argentium Sheet .3mm

PriceFrom £1.10
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