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Argentium Solder Paste

Argentium Silver Solder Paste 5g Hard, Syringe


Argentium's easy silver solder paste comes in a 5g solder paste syringe.


This silver solder paste syringe is quick and easy to use, making it extremely convenient for getting small soldering jobs done in an instant. The tiny exit point of this solder paste syringe lets only a small amount of paste out, meaning you can achieve precise finishes with little or no need to spend time and effort filing and polishing your jewellery pieces afterwards.


Argentium's 5g silver solder paste syringe is a versatile piece of kit that should be in every jeweller's toolbox. Although its true capabilities are shown in small repair jobs and wire works, this silver solder paste is capable of carrying out larger repairs and soldering jobs.


The 5g silver solder paste syringe has a melting range of 80 °C.



Argentium Solder Paste

PriceFrom £12.50
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