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Argentium Micropolisher

With its compact design, handy top-loading container and low noise, this magnetic tumble polishing unit provides easy finishing for jewellery items - whether it be for use at home or in the workshop. Stainless steel pin shot and polishing compound are both included in the price.  You will see visible results in 30 minutes.


Micro-polisher info

The Argentium micro polisher is an invaluable tool when it comes to creating a uniform and professional finish to your jewellery. With its compact design, handy top-loading container and low noise, this magnetic tumble polishing unit provides easy finishing for jewellery items, whether it be for use in the home or workshop. 


The unit sits approximately 16cm x 13cm x 15cm with a glass  pot 6cm deep with a 8cm diameter, making it perfect for small batch processing. Included with your purchase are three different media (fine pins, large pins, and shot) and abrasive powder. 


Achieving your desired finish

  • For an all over matte finish, use the larger pins and shot. 

  • To achieve a sheen finish, run your matte finished items through a cycle using the fine pins and shot. 

  • Combining the fine pins, large pins and shot to give you a varied finish. 

  • To mask areas of your work, use a strong tape to cover the areas you want unpolished. 


It is important to always use the abrasive powder no matter what finish you are after, as this will smooth the surface of your work. 


Additionally, the run time will impact your finish. It is recommended a polishing cycle be a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 25 before you check the progress. You can then run your items through additional cycles, checking every 10 minutes until the desired finish is achieved. 


When using the micro polisher for the first time, it is important to remember the polishing process is not one size fits all. Experiment using different ratios of pins and shot, and length of cycles until you find the right formula for your items. 


Care and maintenance of your micro-polisher

  • Allow your machine to cool down after 60 minutes of continued use.
  • Top up pins, shot, powder after prolonged use.
  • Discolored water is a sign that polishing is taking place, there is no need to change the water when this happens. However, after prolonged use during the discolored state, it is advisable to change the water and replace the powder. Empty the pot, rinse the pins (using a strainer) until the water runs clear and replace the powder. If the pins have reduced in size significantly, they will need replacing as well. Additional pins, shot, and powder can be purchased through the Argentium Shop.


If the micro-polisher will not be used for an extended period of time, we recommend you empty the pot, rinse the pins until the water runs clear and allow them to dry in a warm place on an absorbent towel. Once fully dry, you can store them in a plastic bag or sealable container.

Argentium Micropolisher

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