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Argentium Silver Flux 50ml has been specifically developed for preventing oxidation of Argentium Silver whilst fusing and soldering pieces together. This convenience sized bottle is leak proof and reseals easily. Comes with a pippete which is ideal when it comes to measuring small liquid amounts, as well three flux brushes.

Can also be a great gift for somebody just starting out using Argentium.


Key points - flux

  • Argentium Silver Flux specifically used for Argentium Silver solder
  • Perfect for fusing Argentium joints, granulation and wire work, fusing other alloys to Argentium
  • 50ml leak proof container
  • Convenience size for traveling by airplane. Permissible in hand luggage 
  • Easy to reseal


Key points - brushes:

  • Easy to operate, easy to carry, prevent flux evaporation, to ensure constant flux characteristics.
  • Sheaths transparent, easy to understand the usage of the flux.
  • Soft brush nib release of flux, the liquid flow is moderate.


Helpful tips


  • Please shake the bottle before use.  
  • For soldering, it is only necessary to flux the seam to be soldered rather than applying flux to the whole piece. 
  • Fusing creates strong, clean joints with the added benefit of not having to remove excess solder or having visible solder seams on finished articles.



Colour: Yellow
Dimensions: 75mm x 36mm
Brand: Argentium Silver
Volume: 50ml


Single Pack includes:

1 X Argentium Silver Flux 50ml Bottle

1 X Pippette

3 X Brushes


Workshop Kit for 10

2 X Argentium Silver Flux 50ml Bottle

2 X Pippette

12 X Brushes


Workshop Kit for 20

3 X Argentium Silver Flux 50ml Bottle

2 X Pippette

21 X Brushes

Argentium Flux Kit

PriceFrom £4.51
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