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Made in Argentium Silver. These easy-to-use bezel cups allow you to set beautiful stones in your jewellery and provide you with a whiter and brighter finish than standard 925 sterling silver.


Solder the bezel cup directly to your jewellery and set as desired. The wall height is adjustable to fit your stone; simply file or sand the top edge of the wall as necessary.

Made with a touch of germanium, Argentium Silver presents a bright-white color that is closer to fine silver than traditional sterling silver, yet is highly resistant to firescale and tarnish.

It welds flawlessly and is ideal for fusing techniques. 


940, 4mm, Wall Height: 1.87mm, Thickness: 0.27mm

935, 5mm, Wall Height: 2.6mm, Thickness: 0.27mm

940, 6mm, Wall Height: 2.4mm, Thickness: 0.27mm

935, 8mm, Wall Height: 2.3mm, Thickness: 0.27mm

Argentium Bezel Cup Settings

PriceFrom £1.40
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