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Unleash the Dragon: The Argentium Silver Artistry Competition Awaits Your Masterpiece!

Prepare yourselves, esteemed artisans and silver enthusiasts, for the most thrilling competition to grace the silver crafting world – The Year of the Dragon Argentium Silver Artistry Competition! 🐉✨

This is not just a competition, but a perfect opportunity to etch your name in the annals of Argentium Silver crafting history. As we step into the year honouring the majestic dragon, a symbol of power, luck, and valour, we are calling upon artists worldwide to bring this mythical creature to life using the illustrious Argentium Silver. Known for its purity and unparalleled durability, Argentium Silver now seeks to blend with your ingenuity, carving a new milestone in the contemporary art scene.

Are You Ready to Ignite the Flame of Creativity? 🔥


This competition aims to be a sensational amalgamation of tradition and modern artistry, a canvas where ancient symbolism meets the modern brilliance of Argentium Silver. We are on the hunt for designs that resonate with the spirit of the dragon, embodying strength and grace, telling stories that evoke emotions, and showcasing craftsmanship that stands second to none.

The Clock is Ticking: Submission Guidelines!

Entries are open to artists and silversmiths from all corners of the globe. Ready your crafting stations, as each participant is allowed to submit up to three masterpieces, pushing the boundaries of creativity and skill. Remember, your submissions should echo the theme of the Year of the Dragon, coming alive through Argentium Silver’s mesmerising lustre.

Detailed photographs showcasing various angles (for 3D works) along with a succinct description of your piece and its inspiration should accompany your submission. Every nuance, every sparkle matters! Make sure to submit your entries to

Prizes to Ignite Your Passion!

The stakes are high, and so are the rewards! We are offering enticing prizes to fuel your Argentium journey:

1. First Place: Bask in glory with a £250 Argentium Voucher and an exclusive Argentium apron.

2. Second Place: Win a £150 Argentium Voucher along with the coveted Argentium apron.

3. Third Place: Flaunt your skills with an Argentium apron and essential kit.


Mark these dates, for the dragon waits for no one:

Submission Deadline: 13 January 2024 (Hurry, the clock is ticking!)

Judging Period: 22-27 January 2024

Winner Announcement: 3 February 2024

Don’t let this chance slip away! The time is now to let your artistry roar and ascend to the zenith of silver craftsmanship. Feel the rush, the excitement, the unmistakable hint of FOMO as the submission deadline approaches!

For further details and inquiries, reach out to us at

Rise to the Occasion, Artisans of the World!

Seize this moment to shine, to dazzle, to be the beacon of innovative artistry in the world of Argentium Silver. The dragon beckons your mastery, your passion, and your unyielding spirit.

Let the Year of the Dragon Artistry Competition be the silver chapter in your Argentium journey. Let's set the stage ablaze with creativity that knows no bounds.

Dare to Dream. Dare to Create. Dare to Unleash the Dragon!

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