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The Personality of Jewellery

Like clothes, music, even cars, Jewellery is an extension of your personality, giving the world a glimpse of who you are or strive to be. Whether a costume jewellery purchase made in the shopping mall, a charm bracelet built over time, or a custom

designed piece for a special occasion, jewellery has always been a medium to make a personal statement. While no one will know exactly who you are, the jewellery you wear sends a message. Are you up for anything, a dreamer, earth child, or serene? We take a closer look at what your jewellery says about you.

Up for Anything

You are a true adventure, happy to take a trip at the drop of a hat, try the latest trend in cuisine, or crash an after party, you are up for anything.

Your circle pendent shows the world you are open minded and up for new experiences. Your large, colourful rings and over-size earrings say you're confident with being the centre of attention. It takes a confident person to attract the attention of strangers and you love every second of it.


You fall in love with characters in books, places you've been, and moments in time, you are a dreamer.

Forming emotional connections with your jewellery means you have an eclectic collection you've cultivated over time. Each piece tells the story of a person, place, or time in your life. Your jewellery is whimsical, sometimes vintage, but always meaningful.

Earth Child

You sort your recycling, drink from a bedazzled Yeti, and skip fast fashion, you are an Earth child.

Your jewellery has elements of nature in it, from shells, to stones, you love feeling connected to the ground you walk on. You'll choose jewellery ethically made, and responsibly sourced, making it clear you are all about the Earth.


You are dependable, consistent and think 'less is more' when making a statement, you are serene.

Why shout when actions speak volumes? You choose jewellery that is simple and versatile. You find beauty in the simplest of things, that's why you choose a small pendent, stud earrings, or a simple link bracelet. Your jewellery won't detract from you classic, elegant style.

Let me know what your jewellery says about you.

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