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Projects will enable beginners and experienced silversmiths to develop their skills through experimentation and the enjoyment and love of creativity.

Ronda Coryell

Ronda Coryell is a Jewelers of America Certified Master Bench Jeweler and one of the world’s most well regarded expert on the use of Argentium. Ronda left teaching at the Revere Academy to establish Jewelry Studies International (JSI) and a curriculum for Argentium Instructor Certification (AIC). She has licensed Creative Side Jewelry Academy in Austin, TX to teach her curriculum and host AIC/JSI certification testing. 


Ronda teaches and lectures both nationally and internationally and has taught in such places as Bali, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and England. She won First Place in the prestigious Saul Bell Design Award and continues to gain recognition in competition and exhibition. Ronda has also created an extensive collection of Argentium 'how to' DVDs.

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Cynthia Eid

Cynthia Eid's hammered metalwork has won awards for creativity and design, featured in many publications, and exhibited extensively. Eid's sculptural jewelry and hollowware is primarily made in Argentium Silver and formed through the creative use of hammers and/or a hydraulic press. 


Currently an independent metalsmith and educator, she is a Jeweler and Silversmith based in Massachusetts USA, teaching weekly classes at Metalwerx and the De Cordova Museum School, and workshops and short courses all over the USA. Cynthia earned her Master of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewellery Design from Indiana University in 1980 and has a B.S. in Art Education.


Roberta Weisenburg

Roberta Ann Weisenburg started her jewelry career as an apprentice to a goldsmith in 1981. She moved to San Francisco in 1984 and set up a studio that she maintained for over 28 years. She attended schools including GIA International, the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, City College of San Francisco, Jewelry Studies International, The Enamel Society of Northern California and various workshops given through the Metal Arts Guild of the Bay Area.


In 1999, Roberta's life changed through learning the ancient craft of granulation - she fell in love with this technique and her 22k gold granulation work has been featured in the Lark book publication '500 Earrings'. In 2012 Roberta became an Argentium Certified Instructor of Argentium fusing techniques. She currently teaches classes for adults and high school students at the Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center in Makawao, Hawaii and also teaches privately. Roberta is continually inspired by the beauty of her surroundings and is grateful for being able to give back to the community through teaching. You can see her work in local exhibitions and galleries.


Annette Petch

My designs are based on natural forms including leaves, flowers, buds, seed pods, and shells, and the secret spaces found within them. I like to incorporate texture, and the sounds of pebbles on the beach, wind rustling through the leaves, or water running over stones. 


In 2013, I was very fortunate to be awarded some funding by Arts Council England, which enabled me to do some research and develop new work in Argentium silver. This has enabled me to spend time experimenting with Argentium, and I have developed a new range of pieces - the Frond collection, which exploit the wonderful malleability and ductility of this metal. I showcased pieces in my solo exhibition ‘Immaculate’ at Ruskin Arts and Crafts during the Galvanize Festival. I sell my work through exhibitions and galleries, and undertake private commissions.

Annette runs Argentium classes in her studio in Sheffield, England.

Christine Zock

It's a pleasure for me to create clean jewelry designs for everyday use. I enjoy using high quality materials such as gold and Argentium Silver, they are wonderful materials to work with, and they compliment and support the beauty of my designs.


I have a classical education as a goldsmith. During my early years of training, I worked in goldsmith workshops in North Germany and was always very fortunate to learn so much from highly talented goldsmiths.


I took a big step across the Atlantic to San Francisco, where I had a studio in Noe Valley. Back in Germany I opened my own studio near Munich and this is where I also give Argentium classes.

2018, I passed the 'Argentium Instructor' examination. I enjoy teaching and introducing people the magic of Argentium in German and English.

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Vickie Hallmark

Vickie Hallmark draws inspiration for her jewelry from the fauna and flora that gather around the stock tank pond in her central Texas garden. The scenes that appear in her work are based on studio views of the treetops, where warblers and wrens flit from branch to branch, or adapted from close examination of the native plants she cultivates. Each bird, leaf and flower is hand-sculpted in silver or gold clay with the individuality that nature imparts, with details interpreted through an artistic eye. Once reduced to pure metal, these tiny elements are then combined with Argentium Sterling Silver, high karat gold and colorful gemstones to create charmingly individual vignettes meant to be worn and treasured.


Trained as a research scientist, Vickie studied gold and silver in the laboratory for many years before returning to her birth name's heritage of metalsmithing (a hallmark is a maker and purity mark for fine metals). She sought training from recognized master jewelers to learn the craft, but combined the techniques they taught with her own experimental and artistic nature to develop a unique combination of high tech materials and processes. 


T: +44 (0)845 209 7097


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