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6 in Half Round File

Files are used to shape and smooth silver edges.

Argentium Charcoal Block

This is used as a surface to carry out soldering, annealing and fusing operations. It protects your work table from heat damage and supports your metal components.

Argentium Flux & Brush

Flux is applied to metal components that are being joined by fusing and soldering. It protects the metal surface from oxidising - helping to keep the metal joints clean during heating applications..

Flat Nose Pliers

The larger flat surfaces on these pliers are perfect for gripping hold of components. Can be used to create angled bends in wire and sheet.

Jewellers' Piercing Saw, Bench Peg & Saw Blades

A fine saw blade enables detailed metal cutting. Use with the saw blade held in the frame with the teeth facing downwards. The metal being cut is placed on the wooden bench peg and the saw cuts the metal in a downwards action. Care must be taken not to cut fingers.

Nylon Head Hammer

The nylon head helps to protect the metal being hammered from being damaged.

Round Nose Pliers

The round surfaces are useful for holding and bending sheet and wire - perfect for creating jewellery wire loops.

Safe Pickling Power

Mixed to a solution in warm water, pickle is used for cleaning away any flux or discolouration after heating the silver item.

Side Cutters

For cutting wire and trimming wire ends.

Small Gas Torch

This torch is commonly used in cooking and requires Butane pressurised lighter fuel to refill (readily available online and in most hardware shops).

Stainless Steel Tweezers

For holding hot metal, small parts and removing items from the pickle. Note: these tweezers must be stainless steel, as plain steel will contaminate the pickle solution.

Tapered Round Ring Mandrel

Used to stretch and make round rings with the use of a nylon hammer.

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