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We were introduced to Fleur back in early 2020, just at the point when she set out on her own to create her business This amazing lady is now a few months on from this point, with a growing fan/customer base.

Fleur has been provided with some sample Argentium Silver to experiment with and try out different techniques, as we wanted feedback from an experienced jeweller but a novice 'Argentiumite!'

Q1. What inspired you to become a jeweller Fleur, and when was this? 

I was always interested in making jewellery from a very young age and my mum used to buy me old jewellery from the charity shops for me to take apart and re-make. 


Q2. Do you remember the first piece of jewellery you made? 

I remember making a pair of earrings using beads from a charity shop.


Q3. Do you enjoy presenting and teaching on YouTube?  

I love teaching, and so any opportunity to show someone how something is made is my ideal situation. YouTube allows me to show more people at once how something is made.


Q4. How have you found home-schooling during the pandemic and running your business and YouTube presentations? 

I am not going to lie, it's hard, but we somehow manage to muddle through and keep smiling!


Q5. Do you have a favourite jeweller? 

I am in awe of Pablo Cimadevila and Van Cleef & Arpels.


Q6. You have recently been introduced to Argentium – do you like it, and if so what have you found most rewarding when working with this 'new material'?  What benefits do you think Argentium will bring to your work? 

I have worked with Argentium once or twice previously with my chainmaille pieces, but I had never before used it for the other styles of jewellery I make. It is really great for my chainmaille pieces to make them into a solid piece like a pendant or ring. With things like my gem setting, especially flush setting, it is really great as the mirror finish you get is amazing. The other properties I love from Argentium are the fact that it doesn’t suffer from firescale - you can heat it up many times and not worry that the final polished finish will be spoilt because of firescale, coupled with the fact it's so tarnish resistant!


Q7. Which techniques have you used Argentium for so far? 

So far, I have I used it with chainmaille, fold forming, water casting, melting into pebbles and gem setting.

foldforming pendant2.jpg
water cast pendants2 copy.jpg

Q8. Will you be making any kits in Argentium?  

Yes, I will be bringing my first Argentium chainmaille kits out very soon. Watch this space! 


Q9. Can you show us some of your chainmaille kits and the pieces you have made in Argentium so far? 

See images below...

chainmaille ring2.jpg
chainmaille pendant 2.jpg

Q10. The all important question is, will you be using more Argentium in the future? 

Yes, I will certainly be using it again, I am only scratching the surface of what I want to achieve in Argentium.


Click on the link below to take a look at the wonderful range of chainmaille jewellery and jewellery making kits on Fleur's 'Rock N Chains' website.

Rocks n chains logo.jpg
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