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External Resources

We have compiled a list of interesting and useful resources from the web to help you learn about, and work with Argentium Silver.

Video : Soldering 201 with Ronda Coryell & Rio Grande

Join industry favorite and Argentium® Silver expert Ronda Coryell as she presents tips and tricks on working with Argentium® Silver. Part of Rio Grande’s soldering tutorial series, this segment addresses soldering, annealing, fusing, making homemade pickle, choosing a flux and hallmarking your Argentium® patterns.

Article : Intervweave's Q&A with expert Cynthia Eid

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Video : Basics of Argentium Silver Sheet with Rio Grande

Gregg Burgard of the Jewelry Tech Team at Rio Grande talks about Argentium® Silver sheet, including the benefits of the added germanium. He gives tips on selecting a gauge of sheet and some of the uses this metal is well suited for, such as granulation techniques and fused jewelry designs.

Video : Argentium Silver vs Sterling Silver with Ronda Coryell

How does working with Argentium silver compare to sterling silver? Find out from skilled jewellery instructor Ronda Coryell, as she talks us through the differences between Argentium silver and sterling silver when heat is applied.

Article : Art Jewellery Magazine & Cynthia Eid

Video : Fusing Gold on Argentium & Tarnish Removal Tip with Ronda Coryell and G&S Metals & Refiners

"Ronda Coryell taught the G&S Metals Argentium® Workshop jewelers about fusing 18K gold onto Argentium® in this clip taken from our September workshop. Ronda also shares a tip for removing tarnish from Argentium® silver jewelry."

Video : Argentium Beads with Rio Grande

Add a unique flair to your jewelry pieces by learning how to create custom metal beads from scratch. In this Beads, Baubles & Jewels segment, join Rio Grande’s Education Coordinator Mark Nelson as he demonstrates how to create beads out of Argentium silver, a unique silver alloy with superior tarnish resistance. Watch as he shows the step-by-step process while providing safety and valuable tips to produce professional results.

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