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Argentium Silver Guild

Join a worldwide community of businesses, silversmiths, goldsmiths & students working with Argentium Silver.

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A Modern Approach To Silversmithing
"The Finest in Quality, Craftsmanship & Design"

The Argentium Silver Guild offers a space for silversmiths, goldsmiths and artisans to create and share their work with fellow users. Whether you are using Argentium Silver as a hobby or are making jewellery for your business, we are here to support you on your journey.

Our shop supplies a variety of different products which include wire, beads, tubing, findings and other essential items to help you produce the very best silver jewellery.

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Find out whats been happening in our latest newsletter or blog, and take a look at our current Guild member in the spotlight.. plus more!

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April Special Offer

This April, indulge in the elegance of our Oval Trace chains now available at an exclusive 25% discount! Crafted from Argentium - The Finest Silver, these chains boast a luminous bright-white colour, superior tarnish resistance, and hypoallergenic benefits, ensuring both beauty and durability. 

This special offer is available while supplies last and guild discounts will not apply.

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Argentium Silver Guild Members

Through our Guild Membership we are proud to have a wide range of creatives working with Argentium Silver all around the world. We are honoured to display some of their exceptional work.


Their range of work highlights the unique characteristics of working with Argentium Silver; from it's ability to fuse with other metals, the possibilities of creating firescale free jewellery, to applying the ancient art of granulation. View more of our Guild members work on the member gallery page

The History of Argentium Silver
& The Argentium Silver Guild

Argentium Silver was invented in the 1990s by Peter Johns, in association with Middlesex University. Peter discovered how small additions of the element germanium could impart a range of wonderful physical and working properties to silver alloys.


" Argentium Silver frees me from the tedious hassles of firescale, it also saves me time because my work rarely needs repolishing. Granulation and fusing have become features of my work as Argentium Silver fuses to every metal that I have tried. I can make light whimsical earrings sturdier by heat-hardening them in a toaster oven.  Creating with Argentium Silver is simply easier and more fun!"

Cynthia Eid


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