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With many of us in a situation where we are being asked to stay at home and not to travel, we thought you may like to join us on an online treasure hunt around the globe - we can see a few sights and have a bit of fun on the way.


Simply follow the clues through our website and just let us know what the treasure is when you get to the end, and you will be entered into a PRIZE DRAW (to be announced at the end of March 21)... good luck!


(Congratulations to Angela Hedges, Carolyn Bensinger and Sarah Villegas for being being our fastest treasure hunters.)

CLUE No. 1

Your journey begins in a London Square, a column tall, a gentleman fair. With lions afoot, and battles won, which country did this Square's name come from?

SORRY!! ... Your destination is not here.

The image below is an extra clue, so where are we first taking you too?

Sagrada Familia
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