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This decorative Argentium Silver 'Scallop' gallery strip is perfect for adding subtle detailing to your designs. Measuring approximately 0.6mm thick, it is ideal for creating fancy bezel cups, setting detail, embellishments and other decorative elements. This delicate gallery strip wire features repeated scalloped shapes which back onto a solid strip, making it easy to solder. This delicate strip is supplied in 100mm lengths. Care must be taken when finishing this strip due to the protruding elements. 

1. Open Scallop = 5.1mm x 100mm

2. Simple Scallop = 4.1mm x 100mm

3. Open Heart = 5.7mm x 100mm

4. Crown = 4.7mm x 100mm

5. Horseshoe and Bead = 4.1mm x 100mm

Gallery Wire

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