Argentium Medium-Hard Solder (5 grams)

This Argentium Silver Medium-Hard Solder wire is oval shaped - 2mm X 1.1mm. This solder has a 71% silver content and a melting temperature of 725°C - 751°C (1337°F - 1383°F). The range of Argentium Solders flow beautifully, are tarnish resistant and colour matched to Argentium Silver. Sold in packs of 5g.

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Key points:


  • Ideal for a variety of contemporary designs
  • Measurement 2mm X 1.1mm
  • Packs of 5g


Size: 2mm X 1.1mm
Style: Oval
Melting Temperature: 725°C - 751°C (1337°F - 1383°F)

Argentium Medium-Hard Solder (5 grams)