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Firestain resistant

Argentium's unique formulation gives firestain resistance - this means that plating is not required.

Excellent durability

Argentium Silver has strength and durability and can be work hardened and heat-hardened.

Heat hardenable

A simple, low-temperature heat treatment can be applied to increase strength and durability.

Wide range of products

Argentium Silver is available as: grain, sheet, wire, tubing, findings, chains, solders (and flux).

Excellent ductility

Argentium Silver has greater ductility than tradidtional Sterling making it an excellent choice for forming applications.

Time savings

No firestain and no need for plating means easy finishing - saving time and labour.

Beautiful castings

Argentium Silver gives clean and bright castings that are easy to finish to a beautiful lustre.

Fusing & welding

Argentium Silver is low maintenance, easy to care for and simple to keep clean.

Workplace friendly

Argentium Silver does not require harsh chemicals that is often required for silver production.

Images: Cross setion annealed Argentium Silver, Anahi USA Brooch, Eternal Silver London Pendants, 

David Worcester Earrings, Eternal Silver London Locket, Ronda Coryell Brooch, Allied Gold Ltd Chain

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