Nancy Jackson (of Nancy Jackson Designs), USA


Creativity has many facets to me, but when something that fascinates the senses is derived from a variety of objects whether metal, beads, or even innocuous found objects - that is the best form of creativity! I have always been a creative individual, even as a child. With no siblings and living on a farm, I played most creatively. I learned to sew at a very early age and made almost all my own clothes. Never being satisfied with a store bought patterns I would modify them into novel garments like no one else.  

Through the years I was a florist and tried every type of crafting I could find to get my hands on. I love the challenge and still do. Through a series of events I was lead to jewelry making, beginning with beading. I soon became dissatisfied with merely assembling components and wanted to create my own. That lead me to metal smithing and I have never looked back. It is incredibly challenging and intensely satisfying when a piece is complete.


I have worked primarily with Argentium Silver, brass and copper, with a few touches of gold here and there. I have always loved the color variations that the combination of metals give, but my love for Argentium grows every day and I find it pushing out my desire to work with brass and copper. I find I do less and less with other metals and spend all my time with Argentium.  

I enjoy making a variety of styles of jewelry as each one has its own challenges, but I love for my jewelry to tell a story. It is the highest form of complement when someone picks up a piece and can see the story just by looking at it.  



You can see more of Nancy's work at NancyJacksonDesigns.com