Having been immersed in arts and crafts for as long as I can remember, I  hold a Diploma in Art and Creativity through The Learning Connexion International Art School, Aotearoa New Zealand.


Living close to the sea and green hills of beautiful South Devon, England, I draw my inspiration from nature’s beauty, patterns and forms: the eternal spiral of sea shells, the gentle and peaceful flow of the curves of ocean waves and country hills, the fine and delicate weavings of a spider’s web; the circles within the circles of life’s rhythms and motion.


Being of Dutch/European origin, having travelled and lived in different parts of the world, my jewellery art making has also been influenced by many cultures and traditions, such as Celtic, Pasifika Maori, Australian Aboriginal and other ethnic symbols and art forms.


I weave and stitch precious Argentium Silver wire into exclusive and unique art jewellery.


I have chosen Argentium 935 Silver as my medium of choice because it is considered a "green" and sustainable precious metal. Argentium is produced using recycled silver. It is highly resistant to tarnish and maintains a long lasting bright sheen, making it very easy to care for and clean. I am a proud member of the Argentium Silver Guild.


Throughout the ages silver has been associated with the light and calming influence of the moon as well as certain qualities such as clarity and subtle strength.  


As an artist working with this beautiful and precious metal, I weave, stitch and shape each design in a spontaneous, intuitive and freeform way, as if I am drawing with the silver. Working in this way I never quite know  how a finished piece will evolve, making each individual woven silver art jewellery piece a truly one-of-a-kind, miniature and wearable work of art.

"I weave and stitch precious Argentium Silver wire into exclusive and unique art jewellery."


You can see more of Agatha's work at WovenSilverArtJewellery.com