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Torch Control and Fusing Hollow Forms with Jenny Reeves

Sunday - Saturday, January 15 - 21, 2017

Florida Society of Goldsmiths


In this project based class students will learn to fuse wire, sheet, granules and filings to create complex forms and dynamic layered textures as they fabricate rings, earrings, a hollow bead and pendant.  These projects will help you to master torch control and open design possibilities with fusing.
We will be working in class with Argentium 935 Silver because it is a tarnish-resistant alloy of sterling silver that fuses readily, which makes it easy to fabricate without solder and ideal for granulation. Students are encouraged to bring stones for their projects and other metals to combine with Argentium. The texturing techniques taught in this class can be used to fuse high-karat yellow gold (18K) + 950 palladium, copper, brass, bronze to Argentium Silver. Each metal produces a slightly different texture and different colors when patinated for a variety of cool "painterly" effects. You will develop your skills in Argentium first as the texture requires a fair amount of metal and the learning curve on gold can be expensive! The ease of Argentium Silver will have you singing its praises and might be a game changer in your work.

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