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Lisa Glavish

Featured Member


Lisa is a wonderfully talented jeweller based in Nevada, USA, 

her  work combines Argentium silver with beautiful semi precious stones and amazing textures and finishes.


Lisa is  a skilled Lapidary who has turned her love of stones into some  stunning works of art. Interestingly, she is also a long distance truck driver, no doubt these long drives give her time to observe and create these beautiful concepts and designs!


We are delighted to feature some of Lisa’s work here along with links to her online works


I’m relatively new to making jewelry, having first tried to fuse an Argentium jump ring with a soldering iron in 2015.


I’ve always loved what nature creates, and 30+ years ago I made my living teaching riding and training horses.  In my spare time I used to collect cuttings of wild flowers, spending many hours in the mountains stalking the Wild flower.  A friend suggested to me - after dubiously eyeing the soil and cutting covered back of my old station wagon- that I might enjoy collecting rocks.  


I began my next decade in the logging industry of the Sierra Nevada, learning a new field and hunting rocks in earnest.  Through logging I started driving truck, and have been a long haul trucker for 22 years.


After dabbling in the cutting of cabochons from rocks I’d collected I really wanted to create jewelry with my own stones.

I bought some Argentium after reading about it’s low tarnish, and started what at first was an arduous learning process.  All the reading materials and You Tube videos worked in regular sterling- oh what problems I had!


Then I found Ronda Coryell’s videos and it started coming together.  I learned to fuse long before I could successfully solder anything.  To this day I have no real experience in regular sterling, only working with it to add heavy Rolo and snake chain to some of my pieces.

My Work 

I love texture, patina, and big chunky bracelets.  Argentium lends itself well to this.  


I still drive truck about 9 months of the year, running a regular route from Reno, Nevada, through the Oregon Cascades, and up to Seattle, Washington.  I can easily click off the miles thinking about what designs to make and stones to use.  


My travels are of great inspiration to me, from the

high desert to the lush Cascade range and down to the western valleys, in all seasons, I never tire of it and feel incredibly lucky to have two jobs that -however unlikely - compliment each other in a very creative way.

Lisa Glavish 

Quail Hill Design LLC

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