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Argentium Ring with Anat Silvera or Joe Silvera

Friday, Dec 9, 2016

Silvera Jewelry School


Make a ring with a beautiful framed design with Argentium -- the new sterling silver alloy that resists tarnish and firescale. Fuse it, solder it -- it's even easier to work with than regular sterling silver and it's less work to polish. Learn the dos and don’ts of how to work with Argentium. How to size and make a ring, soldering, fusing, and some polishing will all be practiced during class.


Everything included: All your Argentium and other materials to make the sample project are included. Each student has a jewelry bench complete with a set of tools to use during class. 


Techniques used during class:
• Fusing
• Soldering
• Making a ring
• Filing
• Polishing with power tools (flex shafts)

Chain, Chain, Chain with Anat Silvera or Joe Silvera

Saturday & Sunday, Dec 10 - 11, 2016

Silvera Jewelry School

Learn how to work with an important element of jewelry - chains! Essential for bracelets, necklaces and lots of jewelry designs. This workshop focuses on forging, soldering readymade and making custom chains.

Students sample different techniques to make custom links to form a chain, in sterling and Argentium Silver. How to make jump rings, solder on clasps and chain tags, and making custom chain will be demonstrated, including how to connect those links without turning them into a jumble of soldered rings!

During the workshop, we'll use forging techniques to create custom links. This includes teaching the proper way to hold and use hammers, how to forge metal into wedges and tapers, and planishing with the hammer to polish and refine the surface.


Techniques covered:
• Sawing custom jump rings
• Creating custom chains
• Safely sanding and polishing chain
• Soldering links, clasps and tags
• Forging
• Twisting
• Fusing
• Working with Argentium Silver


Kit of materials, full color handout and use of tools included.

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