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Module 1 - Jewellery Making - Silversmithing - Learn the Basics

2017 dates: 17-18 Apr, 13-14 May, 19-20 Jun, 15-16 Jul, 14-15 Aug, 16-17 Sep, 16-17 Oct, 18-19 Nov

Rainforest Gems Jewellery School


We will start with the basics, a short talk (discussion) about precious metals, gemstones, tools, gas torches and workshop equipment. Then it is into the practical, learn how to use a jewellers saw, make jump rings, texture metal, learn to solder and fuse Argentium Silver, make a pendant. On the second day you will make either a bracelet or bangle.

Module 2 - Jewellery Making - Ring Making & Basic Stone Setting

2017 dates: 20 Apr, 15 May, 22 Jun, 17 Jul, 17 Aug, 18 Sep, 19 Oct, 20 Nov

Rainforest Gems Jewellery School


This module will teach you bezel (rub-over) setting and ring making.  You will learn about ring sizing, using a ring mandrel and how to make a bezel.  You will go home with an Argentium Silver ring, with a bezel set stone.

Individual Tuition - Jewellery Making & Silversmithing

Dates as arranged at time of booking

Rainforest Gems Jewellery School


Prior to booking for individual tuition, we will discuss with you, what you would like to learn.

Make your own Wedding Rings

Dates as arranged at time of booking

Rainforest Gems Jewellery School


How unique, making your partner's wedding ring. Cutting and shaping the metal, soldering the ring together, adding a unique pattern and finally polishing it to a brilliant shine. All yours!

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